Himalayan Trekking Guide
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Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing in Nepal or Mountaineering means touching the Himalayas and knowledge the atmosphere there. Mountaineering is often ranged from climbing the very best peak of the planet to climbing lower peaks. Having many Himalayan peaks over 6000 meters, Nepal offers the joy of peak climbing. Peak Climbing in the vicinity of the highest mountain on the planet is always an excellent attraction and climbing them may be a dream for several mountain climbers. Nepal became the hottest destination for mountaineering expeditions after the primary ascent on Everest in 1953 since then people knew more about amazing climbing opportunities here. Though Nepal has a number of Himalayan peaks to climb only 33 out of them are hospitable climbers and these peaks are identified as “Nepal Peak Climbing”. Most trekking peaks in Nepal aren’t very technical and may be scaled by any reasonably fit person. tons of history have been made annually on mountaineering or peak climbing in Nepal leaving their footprints and gathering ultimate satisfaction also as a lifetime experience. After all, the sensation of standing on top of the Himalayas is second to none.
There are over eight peaks above 8000 meters, Nepal is on the main target with outstanding achievements within the world of peak climbing expeditions. Peak climbing is that the next step beyond trekking, before scaling the 8000-meter peaks. there are 18 peaks ranging above 5600M. Since 1978 peak climbing is under the control and management of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), which is that the authorized organization to issue trekking peak climbing permits. to get a Mountaineering permit you ought to apply through a trekking agency & you ought to have a climbing guide otherwise permit isn’t issued.
Almost all the “Peak Climbing in Nepal” are above the very best mountains in Europe, America, or Africa and a few of them do require technical climbing skills and only professional climbers should attempt. However, some others are often climbed by first-timers with good fitness and basic climbing skills. Most of the height climbing trips take you thru wild and unexplored alpine regions, out of the gang of normal trekkers. Since peak climbing in Nepal is related to trekking to the region of that specific peak and features a dual benefit.
The Nepal Government leaded royalty for trekking peaks ranges from US$ 70 to US$ 250.00 depend upon the season and therefore the particular peak on a per person basis. The permission issued is going to be valid for a period of 1 month. For extending the permission, a further 25% charged of the entire amount of the initial fee is going to be made for every extra week. Please click here for a complete list of NMA peaks and climbing regulations.

Peak Climbing in Nepal : 2022