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Himalaya Trekking Guide one of the leading tour leaders and Mountain Guide in Nepal has been effectively organizing the best travel packages not just in Nepal but out of the country as well. We specialize in arranging tour packages for groups as well as individuals. Himalaya Trekking Guide is a service-oriented enterprise that encompasses clients from wide-ranging backgrounds from those who love to relish nature or simply travel or encounter with local culture to the ones who enjoy doing adventure activities that include Tour, Trekking, Peak Climbing, and more. Being treasured with its expert and veteran members and guides, we offer you superb transport services and the latest information about the spots you are traveling to. The safety of our clients on the tour packages is of supreme significance for us. Apart from that, at a sensible cost, we design your itinerary as per your interest and time schedule and we are constantly committed to making the best out of our services.

Since our foundation, we have arranged numerous trips for our customers from all around the world. Certainly, Himalaya Trekking Guide aims for making your reveries of visiting the land of beauty come true. Also, we make you feel the actual adventure apart from enjoying the beauty of Nepal. If you are browsing for a trustworthy travel operator for your holidays in Nepal, Professional Local Himalaya Guide is the only finest choice for you. We are always a client-centered travel operative devoted to your services. Give us a chance to offer you the paramount of the top tour services.